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ADL 600 Awarded a TEC Nomination!

The ADL 600 designed by Anthony DeMaria and manufactured and distributed by PreSonus Audio, has been awarded a TEC Nomination by the Mix Foundation for outstanding technical achievement in Microphone Preamplifier Technology.

TEC Award ballots have been distributed in the August Issue of Mix Magazine.

If you subscribe to Mix Magazine please take a moment and cast your vote for the ADL 600!

For a complete list of nominees please click here.


Exciting Joint Venture Between ADL and PreSonus Results in ADL 600
Several years ago, Anthony DeMaria, President of Anthony DeMaria Labs and Jim Odom President of PreSonus met at an AES show in New York. Jim noticed a prototype microphone preamplifier lurking in the back of the ADL booth and was intrigued. After chatting with Anthony about the design – three tubes per channel, dual input/output transformers, 600 volt power rails – he had to hear it. Totally floored by the mammoth sound and complete absence of noise, Jim was convinced this was a match made in sonic nirvana. Designed by Anthony DeMaria, engineered and manufactured by PreSonus in the USA, the ADL 600 is a microphone preamplifier that has a sonic character like no other.
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"A truly indispensable piece of equipment"
 - Flood (Smashing Pumpkins, U2)

"If you don't have one, get one, at least one!"
 - Michael Wagner (Ozzy, Janet Jackson)

Since 1987, ADL has been supplying the finest all-tube products to the biggest names in the audio industry.  ADL products have been used on countless successful recordings throughout the world. As we look to the future we pledge to continue developing spectacular sounding pure-tube products, inspired by the great vintage era of the past.

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