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Anthony DeMaria Labs

Eric John Harrington

"I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how pleased I am with your ADL 1000. Absolutely the simplest and best sounding compressor I have ever used. I would never record without it again. I have sung in many world class studios in my time, and it boggles the mind that every stufio worth it's salt doesn't have one of these, at half the price of a worn out LA-2A, or other new clones. And your support and personal attention is refreshing. I recommend it to anyone who wants to make their vocals sound amazing. Even the project studio.

I've had the 1000 for 2 years and it's worked flawlessly. At the professional level (or any level for that matter), it's flat out one of the best values in the industry. IMHO."

Clint Black,

"The ADL box has been one of the most important additions to my rack. Not only for the electric guitar, but especially to warm up the acoustic guitars"
Walter Afanasieff, Producer
 Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, Kenny G

"For a smooth, dependable, great sounding compressor/limiter, DeMaria Labs is where it's at. I have them in all my studios."
Michael Wagner, Producer
Ozzy, Janet Jackson

"If you don't have one, get one.
At least one!"
Noel Hogan, Guitarist
The Cranberries

"Really silky smooth sound.
 It's grand, we love it!!"
Shawn Colvin,

The sound of the room changes from show to show, so to get a consistent, smooth vocal quality. I use an ADL 1000
Bad Religion,

Recording Artists

"ADL makes the most unbelievable tube products. Gotta have 'em!"
Daryl Hall & Peter Moshay
A-Pawling Studio

"We're never without an ADL.
It's our sound!"
Jennifer Batten, Guitarist
Michael Jackson Band

"It's a magic device that brings a rounded warmth to my guitar tracks and a thundering warmth and presence to the bass tracks!"
Joe Chiccarelli, Producer/Engineer
American Music Club, Tori Amos, Beck, Shawn Colvin, U2, & Frank Zappa

"Clean, quiet and punchy...has a warm tube sound but with a much lower noise floor when compared the original vintage gear".
Lee Groitzsch, G.M.
Battery Studio, Nashville

"If you don't own any ADL
products you are definitely SOL."
michael lutz.jpg
Michael Lutz,
Bassist/Producer Ted Nugent  Band

"I love the ADL 1500 so much, I have 3 of them.
Warm, fat, and fully tube-packed!"
W. Anthony Joyner, Bassist
 Faith Hill Band

"My ADL is the Soul of my rack. It's the BEST COMPRESSOR for bass guitar on the market. Any bassist will want this to bring back that tone used in studios and on records!"


Michael H. Brauer, Engineer
Sony Studios, N.Y.

"The ADL compressors do the job.
They can be as smooth and warm or as aggressive as you need.  I love them!"
jimmybuffet2.jpg(Photo taken by Lydia DeMaria)
Jimmy Buffet and Anthony of ADL

"On the road, in the studio, or on a hot tropical island, Jimmy is always close to his ADL 1500's

To Jimmy Buffet, thanks for choosing ADL.

richdavis.jpg(Photo taken by Nicole Grummond)
Rich Davis,
FOH for Jimmy Buffet

Anthony of ADL enjoying his 4th of July at NC State, with budddy Rich Davis of Sound Image.

ADL is very excited to announce it's most recent endorsement with Jimmy Buffet.

"It squashes it but you don't hear it squash. I use one channel on the bass and the other channel for jimmy's vocal." We used 4 total stereo 1500's on Jimmy's Tour.

David J. Frangioni

"Of all the available tube compressors, the ADL 1000 and ADL 1500 stand alone. I use them on every session that I do, including Aerosmith, Extreme and Jenna Drey. You owe it to yourself to check one of these out immediately"

Mick Guzauski, Producer and Anthony of ADL   
Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton, Babara Streisand, Bryan Adams, Michael Bolton, Boys II Men

"From the moment I started using ADL Stereo Comp/Limiter 1500, I knew it was it a keeper."
jamesgeddes.jpg(Photo taken by Dave Miranda)
James Geddes and Anthony of ADL             

Has  worked with Jackson Brown, Boz Skaggs & Cyndi Lauper Currently the FOH for Clint Black

James recently comments from a 98" May/June issue Live Sound on ADL.

"On lead vocals I try to hand-compress them (ride the fader) as much as possible. I generally try to use an ADL (Anthony DeMaria Labs) Tub Compressor on vocals so if something does get by me, the ADL will catch it. The idea is simply to maintain vocal level without destroying the Dynamics."

bryanwhite2.jpg(Photo taken by Dina Hendricks)
Bryan White, Artist                                      
Along with Derek George, Lee Hendricks, and Anthony DeMaria of ADL

"Anthony's gear is the best, live or in the studio we never make music without it."

To Bryan White and his band, Thanks you for choosing ADL.

Charlie Daniels Band

"My ADL 1500 is smoother than grits"

Sunset Sound Factory
Phil MacConnell and Husky Hoskulds

"The ADL 1000's have become very popular with the engineers who work here, they have been used on every session in Studio "B" since the day they were installed. Our clients are demanding another pair for Studio 'A'."

Ed Stasium
Back to Mono Productions
Has worked with many artists including The Ramones, Biohazard, and Joan Jett

"Wherever I travel, I always carry along my ADL 300-G S.T.D.B. It's the only direct box on the planet for me!"


Bootsy Collins

"It's groovy, cool and smooth, like your favorite beer! Those dieting beware...If you're into FAT, ADL is the on...babas's!*!*!"
  Ins & Outs

"First class compression both in the studio and on the road"

Client List:

The Rolling Stones * Aerosmith, Steven Tyler & Brad Whitford * Flood * Masterfonics, Nashville * Chung King, NY * Peter Moshay, Hall & Oats * A-Pauling Studios * Jimmy Bralower * Isley Brothers * Hart * EMI Studios, Australia * Sunset Sound, CA * Tchad Blake * All the guys at Sound Image, Dave Shadoan, Rich Davis, James Geddes, John 'Hair' Tompkins * Jimmy Buffet * Margaritaville, FL

Gary Williams * Michael Wagener * Ed Stasium * Mick Guzauski * John Paterno * Neil Dorfsman * Michael Brauer * Charlie Daniels * Shawn Colvin * Air Supply * Joe Chiccarelli * Lee Hendricks, Nashville Bass Player * Starstruck Studios * The Cranberries * Bootsy Collins * Joe Barresi * David Frangioni, Madonna, Aerosmith * Greg Graffin, Bad Religion * Jennifer Batten, Michael Jackson Band

County College of Morris, NJ * Battery Studios * Ins & Outs Studio, NY * Jerry O'Malley Entertainment Company * Bryan Adams * Skank, Samel, Haroldo, Lelo, Henrique * Platinum Island, NY * Jim Mayer, Bass Player Jimmy Buffet * Sage and Sound Recording, CA * Bad Animals Studio, Seattle * Foreigner * Kevin Leonard * Hart * Biohazard * The Toy Specialists, NY * Smash Studio, NY

Paul Orofino Productions, NY * Right Tracks, NY * Clubhouse Studios * Applehead Sound * John Keane Studios, GA * Beejtar, CA * John Avila * John Griffiths, Studio, OH * Terry Shelton, Producer/Engineer/Lead Guitar Player Billy Ray Cyrus * Glen Phimister, Olivia Newton John, Australia * Bernie Becker, Neil Diamond * Sony Studios, Japan * DJ Pooh, Ice Cube, LA * Curtis Randall, Bass Player Leann Rimes * Sound on Sound Recording, NY

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